About Us

What's New - Dave Bank was a panelist at the Amerimold Expo, in Stephens Center, Rosemont, IL on April 13, 2011. He presented on Trends in Mold Material selection.

Design Capabilities

AIM mold designers have expertise in developing cost effective tooling approachs, producing the best possible solution. Regardless of scale, we engineer molds to fit your needs.

In today's competitive environment, a "one mold fits all" approach is a waste of time and money. A simple "unit" type QC-10® mold can get you started and when production volumes increase, the transition to a single or multi-cavity production mold is easy.


Machining and Manufacture

First, our streamlined workflow results in the completion of molds in weeks rather than months. The significantly higher thermal conductivity of aluminum vs steel molds yields reduced production molding cycle times.

This means lower costs, final parts faster and a shorter time to get your parts to market.


Project Management

One person is assigned to your project from the beginning so you always know whom to call. Weekly mold building updates are provided based on the scheduled delivery and customer visits are always welcome!


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